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Celebrate International Women’s Day March 8th!

Celebrate International Women’s Day March 8th!

Midori is a woman-owned business and we support women entrepreneurship all over the world. In fact, what we do provides a platform for women in villages in China to work locally in our factories so that they don’t have to migrate to big cities and leave their families behind, while still earning a competitive wage to support themselves and those who depend on them. We believe in work-life balance being a key factor in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. We are very proud of what we can do to help these women achieve financial independence. They are truly amazing and talented, and they have a special place in our hearts.

Today, we’re offering Free Shipping on anything and everything on our website, between now to 3/11!

Spread Some Love!

Spread some love this Valentine’s season, get the soft and luxurious bamboo sheets you’ve always wanted! Take 15% OFF our bamboo Bedding, Bath, and Sale items. Use coupon code: LUVMIDORI. Coupon expires 2/15/12

Visit Midori Linen at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market!

Now you can shop soft and stylish bamboo at our Columbus Circle Holiday Market store in NYC! We’re located at F7. Market hours are: M-Sat 10-8, Sun 10-7, now through December 24th. Hope to see you there!

Love your skin – four things we can do to improve dry skin

Cooler weather is upon us. Our skin is getting dryer and itchier. Whether or not you have dry and sensitive skin, there are things you can do to help improve your skin condition:

1. Lotion up the right way. The Best time to apply lotion to your skin is to do it after a bath or shower. Do not dry yourself completely. Put lotion on when skin is relatively moist instead.
2. Pick a body wash or soap with natural ingredients. A good moisturizing soap is bamboo charcoal soap. When bamboo is burned at over 1,000 degrees Celsius, it produces bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal releases negative ions which have great detoxification power. In Japanese and other Asian countries, people have long believed the health benefits of bamboo charcoal for detox and have used it as an antioxidant. Bamboo charcoal soap is also hypoallergenic and super moisturizing! It is beneficial for people with sensitive skin, eczema, and acne.
3. Choose your clothing fabric wisely. The clothes we wear be the culprit to dry and itchy skin, especially the innermost layer. With synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc. as components of the fabric, clothing can cause skin irritation, especially in fall/winter seasons. So if your skin is susceptible to dryness, try alternative fibers such as bamboo, silk, and organic cotton. Statics can also cause skin to itch and dry. Bamboo clothing, in particular, is anti-static – so no more painful electric shocks on your skin during winter time!
4. Cut off clothing tags if they bother you. We all know how uncomfortable multiple tags on the back panel of the shirt can be. At Midori, textile composition is printed on our bamboo clothing to ensure tagless comfort!